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Love this app

Works great.

Great Sleep App

After trying a few different sleep apps this one is by far the easiest to use, most accurate while sleeping and gives you the most information about your sleep cycle. The features are excellent and all linked in the health app

Battery drain

I've had this app downloaded for about 2 days My watch has power all day and as soon as I get into bed with 85-87% battery the drain starts By the time I get up 6.5-7 hours later my battery is about dead usually 5-7% left I hope this gets fixed or I want my 2.99 back This app is way to expensive to get this kind of service

Love Sleep Watch

This app does everything it claims to do. It has already been updated with improved features since I began using it 1 month ago. It has been very accurate with tracking my actual sleep - I have even had it make small corrections later in the day to the previous night ... and the corrections are accurate! Very useful app - very happy I made this purchase!

Love it!

At the beginning I was disappointed with this app, it was far away from Fitbit app I have at that time... But now, I love it! Team did amazing job and improve it significantly!!! And interface is very good too! Five stars!)))

Excellent app

They keep improving it. Would get 5stars if you could look further bank in history.

Love knowing my sleep pattern

I love being able to log on and see my sleep pattern. I like seeing if I was sleeping soundly or restless. Great app!


Great app

Really useful

I'm digging it.

Keeps getting better!!!

They have really listened to all the feedback and the app is even better! I really like the 'sleep charge', it feels pretty accurate! Has a better user interface and the report on the watch is every bit as good as the one on my phone! Highly recommend!

Great App

I love this app. Since there has been an update, there is a significant delay in getting the most current sleep info. You used to be able to get it immediately. I find I don't really use it daily now because of the delay.

Great app!

Best sleep app!

Did not work

After several attempts/setting changes/etc- 'No Sleep Detected'

Works as expected

Functions as one would expect an App of this nature to function. No complaints thus far.

Sleep App

Great all the features of the latest version. A "nice to have" would be the ability to add a notation if an event impacted your sleep e.g. Suffering from a Cold, or you had an alcoholic drink (or two).

I love this app!

I think this app has really improved the quality of my life! With it, I can watch the relationship between how much sleep I get and how well I feel. I've also been able to see the difference between nights that I have a glass or two of wine and nights that I don't. It's very informative and one of the most useful Apple Watch and iPhone apps available. I recommend it highly!

After a week, still no results.

Ive had this app for a week, wear my fully charged watch at night as instructed, and still not data. No response from customer service. That's $2 gone I guess

Great Sleep App.

The different widgets all add value and have great explanations. The graphics are simple to understand. I feel a direct correlation with the "Restful sleep" values and the "Sleep Charge" widgets.

My sleep is improving

I have a history of sleep problems for many years. The app has helped me be more aware of my sleep issues, and I am getting more restful sleep.

Better than Fitbit and Jawbone

I love this app! It's better than Fitbit HR and jawbone. So detailed and easy to use!


It is getting better with each upgrade. I check it most mornings. It encourages good sleep habits.

Sleepless in louisiana

Most nights I am laying down for almost 8 hours, but was waking up tired. This app helped me to see that I wasn't sleeping soundly.

Not accurate

This app is not accurate. It only measures my heart rate 2 or 3 nights a week. There is never enough data. It also registers my sleep way off. Feel like it was a waste of money. My fit bit was more accurate.

Working very well

Much improved in the latest versions, accurate with little to no effort from me, worth the money.

Nice app

Works well, not exactly the same as my Fitbit. I find it comparable.

I love this app!

I am a terrible sleeper and this app tells me exactly how terrible. I have enjoyed the recent update and love seeing my trends over time. Also the restful sleep measurement has been a very nice addition. I'm planning on showing my data to my dr next time I go as I swear I need a sleep study.

Sleep watch

Great! I love seeing the data of when I slept the best or when I moved a lot.

Best sleep monitoring app used so far!

Best sleep monitoring app used so far!

Does the job

I use this and bedit. Does a pretty good job. Sometimes it gets confused when I throw it in the charger first thing in the morning, but easy to edit

I love this app for all it does.

This is a great sleep tracker for anyone with and  Watch wondering how well rested they are. I think it's well worth the cost considering you can't place cost limits on your health. I like the new features included with the latest update as well. Why must I keep reassuring Sleep Watch App that it's ok to send me notifications?

I love this app!

I am having so much fun with this app! It's like gameifying sleep! It's also really informative for health purposes. I can use it with my Apple Watch and it works really well! Totally happy with my purchase!

Very impressed with this app

This app actually tracks my sleep! I love being able to see how long I was asleep for, and how much restful sleep I got. It's very nice that I don't have to tell it when I go to bed, rather it can detect my sleep times accurately. Very impressed with this app!

Great App

This is the second app I've used to monitor sleep and Sleep Watch functions soooo much better than the other. It's extremely user friendly and laid out very well

Great App

Love the Auto sleep tracking. Very accurate. 100% Satisfied. One of my friend have another app that need to start it before go sleep.

Sleep Watch

Great app.I recommend this to Everyone.

Good app but no support response

The app is very good, with a couple issues. Notably, the watch/app have failed to note a few naps I have taken. I wrote to developer to ask about this but did not receive anything beyond an automated message. Also, while app provides good explanation of most metrics it says pretty much nothing about "restful sleep." Unfortunately no response from developer on this either.

2 watches -- Full Data

I got a 2nd watch and I wear the old one to bed. I love having all this health data and sleep data to help me make adjustments to my habits for a healthier life. Now that J have a baseline and summaries of my sleep behaviors I have been better about adequate sleep and also adequate movement in my life. I feel better.

Enough sleep

Love this app let you know how much sleep you got and works automatically

Great app

Great app

Good app

Works much better than Sleep++. I like how it gives you that FitBit sleep functionality. Just go to bed and the app will auto-track your sleep.

Sleeping well

I am really liking this app more and more. I was very used to the UP app and band but since I got my Apple Watch, it is working well. Very nice with insightful info.

Getting even better

I like the latest update because it gives you more data. I think it is one of the better apps to measure sleep.


Sleep watch has been useful for tracking sleep and monitoring my progress in sleep therapy

Sleep watch is great

Nice reminder that I need more sleep some days and try to make it up on days when time permits!

Great, may be life saving App!

I quit using my CPAP. Then I came across this app. Then, I slept without CPAP for 2 weeks without CPAP, then with CPAP for a week, and the results were stunning how much the CPAP helped me sleep, and this App visually showed it! This app could of been life saving to show how much I really needed my CPAP. My heart rate and sleep quality was terrible without it.

Excellent app

Very informative!

It's not recognize the sleep

It was working for a few weeks and now after update I wear my watch like usual and when I wake up it say "No sleep detected" I have uncharged my watch because of your application and it can't recognized if iam sleeping ? It's expensive app for the category to do this mistakes !! And recognize only night sleep no the sleep in the day. They say it to you after buy. Before buy I don't see it somewhere.

This app is getting it right

Automatic sleep detection is the way to go. I love nEw features, great app.

Sleep watch

It works marvelous

Works great

I love this app! Tracking my sleep. Shows me when I'm restless. Monitors my heart rate for issues. I've recommended it to everyone who has an Apple Watch.

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