Sleep Watch by Bodymatter App Reviews

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Great when it works

I have been using this for about a year now. I love it when it works. Lately though it doesn’t sync properly. It will ask me 5-6 times if I was well rested and so forth. I’ve uninstalled and doesn’t seem to help. Hopefully this update on 01/16 will help.

Very upset

So i was recommended this app by a friend. I installed it on my phone and set up an account. But my watch does not work with the app. It keeps telling i need to setup required. I thought i already was setup. I followed the instructions i was given in the help section and still nothing. I even unpaired my watch and paired it again. And still nothing. I want my money back this App was pointless.

Needs improvement

I love this App! I have been using this App for almost 6 months. Here in the past month, the App has not been working properly. It gets stuck and will not update my sleep activity automatically. I uninstalled it several times and reinstalled to my Apple Watch. It works for that day, then it does not update again. I have done this several times trying to get this to work properly again. It always says updating, but last sleep data always says 6 days ago or however many days since I last reinstalled it. This is very disappointing! Thanks Dee

Doesn't work, no support

App says I have no internet connection even tho it let me register for an account and my other internet apps work. App won't work without connection. Installed and reinstalled, rebooted phone, tried several times over 3 days, still says I have no connection. Emailed product support, all I got was an automated response. FAQs say nothing about this problem. Product website is mainly a sales tool. Waste of money.

Options would be great..

I love tracking my sleep! It’s helpful to see my heart rate and restlessness and how much my daily activity effects my sleep. One thing that would be helpful for me, and I’m sure others, would be after a night of rough sleep, when given the list of possible factors - sickness, ate a late meal, drank excessive alcohol, too much caffeine, etc, please add KIDS to the list. There are many nights I get great sleep and many that I don’t, and to have an accurate representation of that in my sleep record would be awesome.

Seems Accurate and Informative

The times for me are usually accurate, only needing adjustment when I open my eyes but don’t really move at all. The only thing that would be nice is if they could read more of the profile data of weight, gender, and height from HealthKit instead of prompting for it.

good tracker....

yet, it ALWAYS crashes when you click the box next to why you didn’t get full tested sleep. just shuts down each time. other than that, i’ve been tracking my sleep for 4 months now and find it useful.

No Sleep Data Available

I purchased and downloaded the app roughly a week ago. It has since continued to tell me that there is no sleep data available, to wear my watch during sleep (which I have been) and keep saying to force touch to refresh. I have went through the troubleshooting steps and went through the app reviews and tried the different things others worked for them and still no luck. For an app that I would have to pay almost $4.00 for I would expect to work!!!

Not Impressed

For paying $2.99 I was expecting something better. I linked the app to my apple watch and I NEVER get correct data. I took my watch off one night and in the morning it still had figured I had gotten 3 hours of sleep, how’s that possible? I would recommend thinking twice about buying this app.

This app has not tracked my sleep.

I am only rating it one star Because i have to. I have had it for two days and neither night has it done anything.

Only seems to track sleep during normal sleep hours

I work as a night shift nurse and this app seems to only track really well if you sleep at night. So when I’m adjusted to days it seems to track surprisingly well. But if I’m sleeping during the day before my next shift the tracker will just read that I didn’t sleep at all. Wish the app would start reading any time the person sleeps to get a more accurate reading

Needs just one more thing...

This app is great but doesn’t have a “smart alarm” function. Very needed feature.

Besr sleep app

Hey everyone this sleep app is the best app. They have improved the waking up configuring. I am going to give it 5 stars. Install it and it knows when you are sleeping. Even napping in your easy chair.

Needs VoiceOver accessibility

Hi, I am blind therefore depend on the voiceover screen reader on the iPhone. The sleep watch app for iOS needs VoiceOver improvements so that I can understand what the watch is tracking. Please consider improving voiceover screen reader Accessibility. Thank you

One problem

I love this app but have been having one problem. When it notices my sleep hasn’t been normal, it asks me to choose any reasons why. When I try to select the reasons, it shuts down and I am not able to give that information to help it give me tips on my sleep patterns. That is frustrating, but other than that - it’s great and seems accurate.

Love it!!!

I only gave 4 stars because this app doesn’t link or sync to Apple’s Health app. I have used several sleep apps, but this one is by far the best. It is accurate in recording when I fell asleep and when I wake. So often I fall asleep without pressing start on the other apps resulting in unrecorded sleep. With this app, no worries and the sleep is recorded with heart rate data. If only Healthmate could receive the data recorded I’d give it 5 stars gladly!!!

Gave up my Fitbit for this app

This app is the final app I needed to fully adopt my Apple Watch as my sole fitness tracker, leaving Fitbit in its dust. Since then, Sleep Watch has only improved to surpass where Fitbit can only dream. The amount of data I get from each night’s slumber is immense; so much that I have changed my sleep patterns as a result of the info it gives me. Truly a game changer for Fitbit users.

Do NOT to pay for this app

I have sent four emails - 4 EMAIL REQUESTS - asking for help with the app and it’s poor data syncing performance every morning and have never - NEVER - had a response. I am sent the initial automated response stating that they have received my initial message and nothing else. NOTHING. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Not a single offering of assistance. This app is hit or miss in terms of performance. It’s a terrific idea but executed so poorly it’s just not worth the money. Save your hard earned cash my friends.

Can’t tell time

Fun to look at but not accurate. Simply cannot tell time. Start and stop times are wrong everyday.

I love this app.

Useful and awesome.

Happy with it

This app is amazing. You constantly updates and is definitely by far the most accurate sleep app. I literally charge my Watch before bed and have learned what a good nights sleep requires. Well worth the money definitely download if you have a Apple Watch, and be surprised with some of the results. A+++++. I also want to say it’s great to see what your heart rate is during the night, and even shows the dip between daytime and nighttime so you can learn how to be better rested

Best track sleeping App

Finally i can see the discover tab

Terrible app

I gave this app a 10-day try and it is one of the worst sleep apps ever. Gave my Fitbit to my daughter so I could get the newest Apple Watch. Fitbit works a lot better on sleep than this horrible app. I drove for 16 hours and it said I slept for 13 hours and 30 min of that drive. That’s ridiculous!!! Embarrassing to say the least. How can it not know, I’m awake when the map is on? And it’s telling me to stand up! All the while the “sleep watch app” is saying “I’m asleep!” I expected a lot more out of an app. Do not get this. Save your money for one that actually works! Wasted $2.99 on this.

App good service not so much

After I got the app to work, I love it. I had issues & sent them an email 3 weeks ago & I still have not heard back. Thankfully Apple support could help me

Everything worked great till today...

I have been using the app for about a month. Today it stopped syncing. Left an email for someone to get with me. Will wait for a response. I wear my watch every night to track the details of my sleep. This morning my watch said it was trying to update for the last twelve days. Up until this morning, everything was working like it is suppose to. Will wait for a response from the developer but wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. Update: Nov 30th no response yet from developer except auto response that they received my feedback.


It doesn’t record my nap😔

Auto start? No way

I guess I should have listened to the reviewers who said it doesn’t auto start and there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t buy it till I post again to say they supported it or gave me my money back.

Tracks sleep when on dresser

Does a better job tracking on the dresser than on my wrist. Not happy


I used jaybird reign fitness band before I bought the Apple watch. It tracked my sleep accurately. When I bought the Apple watch I was looking for something comparable to the Reign. The sleep watch app went above and beyond my expectations after trying several other apps. I've enjoyed the constant improvements.

Poor Customer Service

For some reason, the app does not record and track sleep on my Watch Series 2. It keeps instructing to force refresh but it still does not track my sleep. I contacted the support but they ignored my email. This appears to be a common theme in the reviews. This company will not assist or provide support when something goes wrong with their app. I understand that small issues will arise in apps, BUT it’s unforgivable when a company chooses to ignore emails from its customer who are asking for assistance to correct an error in their app. I will delete this app and look for another sleep tracker. I do not recommend this app based on the nonexistent customer support and glitches in app.

Didn’t work.

I used this for the first time last night. I was very excited about it. When I woke up it said, “No data available.” I’m very disappointed. ☹️

My favorite Apple Watch app!

This is my favorite Apple watch app. Tracks my sleep patterns and shows every detail of every night's (or day's) sleep!

Very inconsistent and unreliable.

App continues to fail in tracking sleep after the 11/23/2017 update. Says No Sleep Data available. App worked without fail prior to the 11/22/2017 update. Has not captured Sleep data a single time since that update. No other changes to the environment or Software to explain the failures. App stopped tracking after the latest update on 11/22/2017. Good concept, but the execution just isn't there yet. Would also like to see the actual science behind the technology and metrics being captured.

Newest update left all my sleep times “unconfirmed”

Entire history has all my sleep times unconfirmed with a yellow “!”. Can you fix please?

Has a great collection of tools

The several “tools” it has which shed light on sleep rhythm, heart rate dip, 3 day “body charge” and others- - all make a useful package to which I give attention every day.

A Must Have

Great app. I recommend getting this app. It’s awesome. Thank You for a wonderful app.

Great app that keeps getting better

It is a very good app and worth the money. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more improvements in the future.

Please fix quick

The latest update has it where you just have to touch to stop the alarm. The older version required you to hold it down for a few seconds to turn it off. The problem is that I reach to hit the snooze and end up turning it off causing me to oversleep.

Sleep watch

I love the sleep watch. Every morning, I look forward to seeing how I slept.

Works well

I don't review it every day, but if I'm very tired I use it to rule out sleep disturbance.

Buggy at best

This app does not do what it says. It’s still really full of bugs. Save your money.

Great performance

Sleep Watch is the easiest, most accurate sleep tracking app I’ve used. The way it charts restfulness vs restlessness alongside my sleeping heart rate has taught me so much about my own sleep patterns. I tend to sleep at all weird hours… napping during the day and not going to bed until well after 1 AM. Sleep Watch accurately & automatically detects all my sleep – even 20 minute naps in the middle of the afternoon. This app has identified how irregular my sleeping patterns are and now I’m working to change that. I feel better, I’m less like Shrek in the morning and I have become more aware of how important a good night’s sleep really is. Sleep Watch is one of the few apps that I truly can say is life-changing.


Didn't record anything.. Apparently I never sleep.. waste of money.

poor support, odd interface choices, lack of details and non frequent updates

After a nearly a month of use. Here is what I got to say. Bugs. I use to get a notification few minutes after I woke up with my sleep summary. Now I hardly, if ever see that even with the app in my watch dock. It’s a good app and it seems each update brings a lot of new things but so far, I haven’t been a witness to a update as the developer seems to update every few months. The interface to me can be improved. I love the sleep debt and restless features. I hate the fact you can’t see things in more detail for nearly all sections. There is a discover tab that is suppose provide more insight in your sleep and offer advise but it doesn’t work at all. The app also does poorly in separating your sleep times. Let’s say you fell at sleep at 6pm for a short nap and woke at 9pm. The apps pushing that sleep time to the next day. Viewing heart rate data is cumbersome than it needs to and is limited to landscape only view. Every other data the app provides is limited in view, touching them just gives you info on what they do. To me this is a step back. As for sleep detection the app works well but like others have said it tends to lump your short naps through out the day into one start and end time. Bad. I wish the app provided more detail and also tracked deep sleep and light sleep like others. I wish support was responsive. You can tell they aren’t from these reviews and they don’t even reply to emails or reviews. So poor support, odd interface choices, lack of details, and non frequent updates is what you’re walking into when you get this app. Update: so they just wanted the app today and supposedly fixed discovered tab and other stuff. So I’ll report back.

Used to be great until the update

I loved this app. It used to be so accurate. Then I did the latest update and now it has me “sleeping” while I’m sitting on the couch working on my laptop or watching TV. So bummed it’s all a mess now.

Not accurate

It doesn’t accurately record when you’re asleep. It often shows that you’re awake during periods when you were actually asleep.

Not good for midnight workers or if you have broken up sleep

I do you like the capabilities this app has if you work normal hours. Even if I turned on all day sleep detection is still didn’t record my sleep accurately. I even changed the sensitivity where it was more sensitive. There are many days that I will sleep for 2 to 3 hours, get up for a few hours, and then go back to sleep two or three hours. In the app it would track that I slept the whole time without getting up. I would try to manually change it but it was like it would only accept one sleeptime start to finish, not two. It would let you change it the way it should be, the times you actually slept, but then once you saved it and went to a different day and went back it’s like you never changed it. I emailed for support and never heard anything back. App could be great, was super excited about it. Maybe they will fix it

I like this app

Easy to use and read. So far so good, I am very happy.


I am absolutely obsessed with this app. It keeps me up to date on how much sleep I get and if I’ve reached my goal sleep every night. This app has so many things to offer for helping you get better sleep and giving you tips on how to sleep better. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!!! Love it love it love it!!!

Helpful but needs improvement

Good app with great potential. I hope they continue to develop the heart dip feature. My app is only retaining 1 weeks worth of data. I sent an email asking for assistance in recovering the historical data but got no response.

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