Sleep Watch by Bodymatter App Reviews

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Great app

I’ve been using this app for about 6 weeks, and it really does a nice job. It helps me see my consistency (or lack of it) and evaluates the last few days to show how I’m doing. I am much more aware of my sleep hygiene now, and wouldn’t trade this app for anything.

Great App!!!!

Love this app!!!

Doesn’t Work with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch interface just says “setup required” and instructs you to complete the setup on your iPhone. This is completed and I covered all the troubleshooting steps but it still won’t work. A waste of money!

Getting there

Updated (3/20/18) / (4 stars): so since I reviewed last time there has been a lot of bugs fixes and improvements. App is now running much better in iOS 11 and Series 3 watch. I have bumped it to 4 stars and would be 5 if they fix 1 issue. If i disable the “Discover” in the menu it should allow me to hide the button at the bottom as well. But other than that it has been working great and love the updates! Original Review: (2 stars). I have used this apple on my Series 2 watch and iOS 10 for a while and loved it. However, since I upgraded to Series 3 watch and iPhone 8 with iOS 11 the app has become nearly unusable. I no longer get alerts of my nightly sleep summary on my watch or on the phone. I have to open the app manually and wait several minutes (3-5) for the previous nights sleep summary to appear in the app. Once i close the app i will then get the alert 20-30 minutes later. Emailed developer and got no response from them after several days. Really hoping they not responding because the busy fixing the app. Will update the review if they come back and fix it.

Not working anymore

It was running fine for few months ago but no working anymore. No new iPhone and no new Apple Watch. I did updated my iOS but no idea why is it failed. I have allowed all permission for the app. I also send an email for support but no reply at all. Please fix it.

One of my fav apps! Bodyguardnla

I love this app. Very accurate for the most part. I rely on it every night. No app is perfect but this is close to perfection. I like the check off list whenever I get less than 7 hours of sleep. Thank you guys and keep up the good work! 🙌🏽 Ray Bodyguardnla

Great app!

I love the accuracy of this app. It’s very simple to read all the information that it takes during my sleep. I’m a stay at home mom and I’m always the last one in bed and the first one up. I bought this app because I knew I wasn’t sleeping enough and it was affecting my health. My doctor recommended I track my sleep so I gave this a try. I like that it showed when I went to bed and how much sleep I actually got while in bed. The longer I used the app the more it learned my patterns. I also like that it knows when I’ve had a really bad night of sleep and I receive the questionnaire asking why I did so bad sleeping. For example last week my son was extremely sick running a fever of 103.7 all night so I was up all night checking on him and changing out ice packs to help keep him comfortable until I could get him to the doctor the next morning. My app detected a total of 1 and half hours of sleep. I was able to tell the app I was “disrupted by a sick child”. Thanks for creating this app and continuing to make it that much better! 😊

No complaints

This is a great app.

Freezes and quits upon opening

App worked well at first but stopped syncing after a week. Now it freezes on the loading/opening screen and force quits by itself.

Please add a category to poor sleep

Please add ‘menopause’ to why sleep is interrupted. It crosses multiple categories. Also please see FitBit sleep tracking...much more detail and better response time for syncing.

Not reliable

I am super bummed about my rating and this app. I bought the app after reading the reviews. While I understand that nothing will be full proof and 100% accurate with recording my sleep by just wearing a watch. However, I’d be more accurate knowing my sleep if I just looked at a clock before I went to bed and when I woke up. I could manually calculate my actual sleep. Here is the background. I have a newborn, so I wanted to see how much sleep I was actually getting. Figured the reviews were good enough, the app wasn’t is worth a shot. Well, it was recording 7+ hours of sleep a night. Anyone that has ever had a baby knows you don’t get 7 hours of sleep in the first few weeks. So, I realized it was wrong. Twice in the last two weeks I haven’t even worn my watch at night and the next morning it told me I got 7 hours of sleep one night and 3.5 hours another. When I opened the app, it showed time of restful sleeping and not. I am guessing my watching charger got a good nights rest one night and not another. Clearly, the app doesn’t work correctly. Save your money folks.

Enjoy the App

I really like the app! Currently there is a glitch where if I try and see my monthly average it force closes itself.

Don't waste money

App doesn't work. I've tried several days to get it to work.. Send support request to developer and have not received any response. App and developer is POS. Trying to get refund

Hate it!

Have been a Fitbit sleep tracker user for years. Just got an Apple watch and downloaded the app on a recommendation. Data is difficult to read. Miss having REM reports. Misses if you are awake for a period and go back to sleep. Does not track naps in the report. Buyer beware...Do not download!

No Room for Improvement

I know Apple is talking about creating their own sleep tracker app but there is no way they can exceed the capability of this incredible app. Every morning this is where I head. Very useful information. It is almost like having a sleep coach on your wrist.

Wrong and inaccurate. Waste of money.

If you try to use it for auto sleep detection, you are wasting your time. It is wrong every time. I turned off Power saving feature as instructed on the watch but no luck. I just wasted money on the app...

I like to know and it tells me.

I’m not too keen on change but I like to be informed. And this app keeps me well informed, even if I don’t do anything about it. Like developing a better sleep rhythm. Or knowing why my sleeping heart rate dip wasn’t great vs good. But knowing is half the battle. This app keeps me informed about me.

Good addition

Every update the app improves with Apple watch is one of the best sleep trackers. I test several apps to sleep with the Watch compare (charge during shower and breakfast). This work consistently and accurate. It miss certain elements others have but is useful.

Works Well

I wish I could make my own sleep window and not that generic 7pm to 11am. God forbid I sit still at a movie after 7pm. It thinks I’m sleeping then all of a sudden I wake up and then go back to bed a midnight. Let the users chose their own sleep window!!!

Note section please

This app is amazing but I have night sweats and I’d love to be able to note / monitor this additional sleep issue within the app. Thanks!

Really good and accurate

I have been using this app for months now and I really like it. I like that I don’t have to do much to it well really nothing and it tracks my sleep. When you wake up in the morning it will ask how well you slept but that is it. I think it’s accurate too. I’m eager to see how the new update does with tracking multiple sleep times with my job I might get a 2 hour nap at 3am and then another one at 7pm. We will see how the update works. I highly recommend this app.

Love it! 5 ⭐️👍

Works well and very accurate. Easy to use too. I appreciate all the updates and new features.

One of the better Iwatch apps

Apple Watch lacks some of the features that you think would be built in. This is one of the better sleep apps. The accuracy has improved. Nice design .

Stopped Tracking

On 2/5, the app stopped tracking sleep and 10 days later, still not working. It was good at one time.


Analysis and feedback from this application has helped improve my sleep quality tremendously which has had an positive impact on my health overall. My heart rate dip last night was 27%! My only wish is that could also detect and measure my naps during the day.

Changes sleep time

I’ve written the developer twice with no Answer. After a few days the sleep Times are reduced for previous sleep times. All the trend graphs are thus meaningless. It used to be stable. No longer

App is hung up trying to update on my iPad

Platform error, dumb

Great app but fatal flaw

This app is a great estimator of sleep and is. Ice in that you don’t have to remember to tell it you’re falling asleep. But, it doesn’t integrate with the Apple health app, making it useless for following patterns or integrating with overall health info. Also easily mistakes binge watching Star Trek for sleep.

Best so far

Only used it for 3 nights so far but it has been great love that it has the ability to adjust your sleep time if needed so far I haven’t had to really use it but it was a feature that some others don’t have. So far it is my favorite out of the 3-4 that I’m using. I will update after using a while longer

Not perfect but good

Not perfect on the Apple Watch itself, doesn’t always pick things up but it definitely improving. As a bartender I have a really wonky sleep schedule so I love that it offers an all-day sensor for sensing sleep. However on the “lower sleep quality” question it occasionally asks: depression, anxiety, and lack of physical comfort should be an option 😊

Inaccurate sleep tracking

Don’t buy this app. It’s highly inaccurate and it will ask us to input so much data and it’s always opinion data and not a valued info.

Not so great

I liked this app until the night I was disturbed during my sleep - went to bed at 9, woke at 10:30 and didn’t get back to bed until 5am. Slept until 8:30. The app showed be as sleeping the entire time.

Best of the tracker apps

I have used Garmin, Fitbit, and Polar as personal trackers and they all have a “sleep” aspect. This app on Apple Watch is head and shoulders above the rest. Before this I didn’t see much value to sleep measuring but this has opened my eyes. Must have if you are interested in personal well-being.

Great when it works

I have been using this for about a year now. I love it when it works. Lately though it doesn’t sync properly. It will ask me 5-6 times if I was well rested and so forth. I’ve uninstalled and doesn’t seem to help. Hopefully this update on 01/16 will help.

Very upset

So i was recommended this app by a friend. I installed it on my phone and set up an account. But my watch does not work with the app. It keeps telling i need to setup required. I thought i already was setup. I followed the instructions i was given in the help section and still nothing. I even unpaired my watch and paired it again. And still nothing. I want my money back this App was pointless.

Needs improvement

I love this App! I have been using this App for almost 6 months. Here in the past month, the App has not been working properly. It gets stuck and will not update my sleep activity automatically. I uninstalled it several times and reinstalled to my Apple Watch. It works for that day, then it does not update again. I have done this several times trying to get this to work properly again. It always says updating, but last sleep data always says 6 days ago or however many days since I last reinstalled it. This is very disappointing! Thanks Dee

Doesn't work, no support

App says I have no internet connection even tho it let me register for an account and my other internet apps work. App won't work without connection. Installed and reinstalled, rebooted phone, tried several times over 3 days, still says I have no connection. Emailed product support, all I got was an automated response. FAQs say nothing about this problem. Product website is mainly a sales tool. Waste of money.

Options would be great..

I love tracking my sleep! It’s helpful to see my heart rate and restlessness and how much my daily activity effects my sleep. One thing that would be helpful for me, and I’m sure others, would be after a night of rough sleep, when given the list of possible factors - sickness, ate a late meal, drank excessive alcohol, too much caffeine, etc, please add KIDS to the list. There are many nights I get great sleep and many that I don’t, and to have an accurate representation of that in my sleep record would be awesome.

Seems Accurate and Informative

The times for me are usually accurate, only needing adjustment when I open my eyes but don’t really move at all. The only thing that would be nice is if they could read more of the profile data of weight, gender, and height from HealthKit instead of prompting for it.

good tracker....

yet, it ALWAYS crashes when you click the box next to why you didn’t get full tested sleep. just shuts down each time. other than that, i’ve been tracking my sleep for 4 months now and find it useful.

No Sleep Data Available

I purchased and downloaded the app roughly a week ago. It has since continued to tell me that there is no sleep data available, to wear my watch during sleep (which I have been) and keep saying to force touch to refresh. I have went through the troubleshooting steps and went through the app reviews and tried the different things others worked for them and still no luck. For an app that I would have to pay almost $4.00 for I would expect to work!!!

Not Impressed

For paying $2.99 I was expecting something better. I linked the app to my apple watch and I NEVER get correct data. I took my watch off one night and in the morning it still had figured I had gotten 3 hours of sleep, how’s that possible? I would recommend thinking twice about buying this app.

This app has not tracked my sleep.

I am only rating it one star Because i have to. I have had it for two days and neither night has it done anything.

Only seems to track sleep during normal sleep hours

I work as a night shift nurse and this app seems to only track really well if you sleep at night. So when I’m adjusted to days it seems to track surprisingly well. But if I’m sleeping during the day before my next shift the tracker will just read that I didn’t sleep at all. Wish the app would start reading any time the person sleeps to get a more accurate reading

Needs just one more thing...

This app is great but doesn’t have a “smart alarm” function. Very needed feature.

Besr sleep app

Hey everyone this sleep app is the best app. They have improved the waking up configuring. I am going to give it 5 stars. Install it and it knows when you are sleeping. Even napping in your easy chair.

Needs VoiceOver accessibility

Hi, I am blind therefore depend on the voiceover screen reader on the iPhone. The sleep watch app for iOS needs VoiceOver improvements so that I can understand what the watch is tracking. Please consider improving voiceover screen reader Accessibility. Thank you

One problem

I love this app but have been having one problem. When it notices my sleep hasn’t been normal, it asks me to choose any reasons why. When I try to select the reasons, it shuts down and I am not able to give that information to help it give me tips on my sleep patterns. That is frustrating, but other than that - it’s great and seems accurate.

Love it!!!

I only gave 4 stars because this app doesn’t link or sync to Apple’s Health app. I have used several sleep apps, but this one is by far the best. It is accurate in recording when I fell asleep and when I wake. So often I fall asleep without pressing start on the other apps resulting in unrecorded sleep. With this app, no worries and the sleep is recorded with heart rate data. If only Healthmate could receive the data recorded I’d give it 5 stars gladly!!!

Gave up my Fitbit for this app

This app is the final app I needed to fully adopt my Apple Watch as my sole fitness tracker, leaving Fitbit in its dust. Since then, Sleep Watch has only improved to surpass where Fitbit can only dream. The amount of data I get from each night’s slumber is immense; so much that I have changed my sleep patterns as a result of the info it gives me. Truly a game changer for Fitbit users.

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