Sleep Watch by Bodymatter App Reviews

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Love the info provided!

The only idea that could make this a better app would include an alarm system and speaker data reporting that could monitor snoring, breathing, etc. I love this app! Incredibly informative!

Great app!

I had previously left a lower rating because I paid for the app and they later added subscription model and forced a internal ad for this subscription. They didnt give a way to hide it. However, in there recent updates they added the ability to hide the ad and thank you so much! This is a great sleep tracking app!! Would recommend to anyone with an apple watch!

Sleep watch

It’s amazing! I love this. It’s a game changer


I was feeling tired when I woke up. Had a fit bit watch that broke and I liked the sleep feature on it. I found this app and it has worked great. Helping me to solve my insomnia.

Zevy Cy

I love it!

Liking the app so far.

Have been using for several months now. Not entirely sure why developers think we’re all the same. I only “wish” I could get 8 hours of sleep every night. Can use some detailed explanation why so restless because I don’t sleep like a brick in the same position every night. Anyway, awesome app with interesting info.

I use a few sleep apps in concert

And this one provides great feedback based on how I feel when I wake up every day. :-)

Missing Features

Still can’t personalize sleep window 👎👎👎👎👎


This Sleep Ap give me an Interesting view of how I slept the night before. I kinda gauges how I feel each morning. The biggest thing for me is getting more sleep and the ap helps me keep up with how much I slept and also how much sleep I need to feel completely rested each day.


Great sleep analytics with the free subscription but would like to have the complete package but 2.99/month is quite pricey. Thanks

Automatic, Accurate, & Nice UI

I have used most of the sleep apps out there for Apple Watch and this one seems to be the most accurate. It auto-detects sleep, which is a required feature for me as I’d never remember to start up an app manually before falling asleep. The app’s UI looks great too. It also gives you most of the features for free. After a few months of running several sleep apps at the same time, I’m now using this one exclusively.

SleepWatch App

Great app that help me to track my sleep time and body behavior at night time.


Excellent app which has made a huge difference in my life. It’s super easy, the cost isn’t much and this app really is one that you don’t need to remember to do anything for it to be accurately monitoring and documenting your sleep.


Overall it is good

Sleep watch.

It is perfect to track your sleep patterns with yourself and your doctor. I highly recommend it you don’t have to answer a lot of questions it asks them for you.

First impressions

Good start will continue use.

Outstanding App

I love this app is one of my very favorites for my I watch.

Great app

Ease to use.


It’s ok but not good enough to pay monthly. It’s ok for free but I’ve seen better free apps...

Muting The watch but not the phone

It seems that when I mute my watch at bed time it also mutes my cell phone. I need to keep the phone unmuted but I do want my watch to be muted during sleep, how is that possible?


Some days I feel like I had a good nights sleep And it says I didn’t do so well.


It pretty good

Wish I could get more

Wish I could get more help on how to work it better. Bought Apple Watch for Dummies but me the dummy can’t figure it out!!!! Need special help!!! Thanks!!!

Works great! One star short for needed growth!

Take a peek at the FitBit app! There is a lot missing from this one and that can be done with this. More could be done considering it is working with the Apple Watch tech. Other then that it is great and on the right path to being a 5 stars! If I never saw FitBit it would be worth all 5 but I know how much more can be done to help. I will beta test to help develop the app!

Would recommend

I love this app paired with my apple watch. It is very accurate and only had to update the time occasionally when i snooze my alarm for 30+ minutes lol.


Good app very interesting

Love It

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for Years and I Love it. So we recently purchased iPhones and had Android for years as well and Love that too.. But Since having an iPhone I Love all the features. My Daughter had bought an Apple Watch and she was showing me all the features that it also has I fell in Love with it. Before I bought it the only feature it did not have and I was on the fence with was tracking your sleep so there’s App called Sleep watch and I downloaded it after I purchased the Apple Watch and Absolutely Love Everything about this App it has alot of details and true to it’s readings 😍😍

Great app

So many different analysis. Good app to track your sleep and understand the different components to monitor during sleep.

Good app but hate to pay monthly fee

All these new apps with a monthly fee. It may seem small but they all add up

Great app

This app has helped me tremendously tracking down my sleep patterns. It is very accurate and also informative.

2 Stars!

8/30/18 Update I like the somewhat of a compromise of having the premium banner hidden for us paid users not wanting a subscription. Can’t wait until Apple has their own sleep app. I’ll be deleting this program fast. ———————————— I appreciate all the updates. Although not happy about the new monthly subscription service. Tired of being subscription to death. Maybe a yearly plan or grandfather us customers who purchased the app a long time ago, and provided the data! I agree with another reviewer that over the years they have harvested our sleep data and now plan to sell it back to us for a monthly subscription.

Great app.

I’ve been using this app since I got my Apple Watch back in August. It’s a great app and does what I need it to do which is track my sleep each day.

Great for data lovers

I’m very into lucid dreaming and it’s so interesting to see data on my sleep in correlation with my dreams. I’d recommend to anyone looking for insights on their sleep! Excellent app. One recommendation for developers - integrate expected rem sleep periods and other features some other sleep apps offer. Check out competition and integrate their features into this Apple Watch app, slightly improve your interface, and you have the best sleep app on the market.

Just what I needed

This app paired with my series 3 Apple Watch has worked amazingly in tracking my sleep schedule and patterns. Being able to manage my sleep with this app and using my Sleepmaster cpap machine has greatly helped me overcome my struggles with sleep apnea. Definitely life changing. Thank you. The only thing I’d add is the ability to pair with my cpap machine which has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Love it

Loving this app, allows me to see the triggers that stop me from getting a great night sleep :)


Was looking for an app to track all of my sleep... but dispite having it detect all day it never detects the naps I take

Awesome app

I love this app for tracking the quantity and quality of my sleep automatically each night. It is very accurate and gives you interesting stats like % drop in heart rate and asks you how you rate your sleep each night. Way better than my Fitbit and I don’t have to do anything but wear my Apple Watch to sleep.

Not syncing

My sleep tracker is no longer syncing with my iPhone. Nothing is showing up on my health data.

Great app but...

The premium features are definitely not worth $2.99 a month to get a number that doesn’t really mean anything. Maybe a 1 time $2.99 fee but a month yeah no thanks.

Sleep watch

Nice but doesn’t show REM sleep

Need to get this

I LOVEEEE this app!! It tracks so well and it’s not like the other where you have to turn it on and off(unless you are not using an Apple Watch)

Alerts won’t go away!

I just deleted this app because it constantly claimed I had two alerts to deal with. I did not, but it still indicated they were unread. It wouldn’t go away so I made the app go away.

Great sleep tracking app

I’ve really enjoyed using this app the past week. I’ve been able to figure out what factors affect my sleep and make adjustments to help with a better night of rest.

Great app

The app works seamlessly. You don need to press buttons or leave your phone here and there (I got an old app ale watch though). I like it a lot. It’s a shame that there are a lot of features that are premium and you have to pay for that but of course is understandable.

Great App

I totally enjoy this app. I focus on trying to get quality sleep ( restful). I didn't realize my sleep was so unrestful now I can see it. I don't like a monthly fee to unlock all features on this app. I just use the free portion of it. I would recommend this app.

Analysis Info

I am loving the tips and tidbits provided through analysis of my daily and nightly patterns. Thanks for helping me learn how I can have better sleep.

Thanks for the App

Thanks for the application, it helps me to really see my dream quality. Gracias por la aplicación, me ayuda a ver realmente mi calidad de sueño. Bendiciones 🙏🏽


Only had the app two weeks and find it very helpful. Lots of data tracked and easily presented.

Great Sleep Assist

I love this App!! I use to have a FitBit, but transitioned to my AppleWatch some time ago and have seriously missed having my sleep tracked and reported. This goes beyond a FitBit! I love seeing my 3 day charge and my restful and restless sleep. Amazing!!

SleepWatch is the way to go!

Switching from my old FitBit Versa to a Series 3 Apple Watch I was a little skeptical about the sleeping features because I really liked the built in set up on FitBit system. But when I found Sleep Watch app it met all of my expectations and more. It tracks so much more than my other one ever did and I would definitely recommend it to anyone

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