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App is surprisingly accurate in all areas!!

I just started using, for the 2 weeks I’ve tracked my sleep,heart rate, rhythm etc... I’m surprised how accurate this is!! I was worried that having to wear my watch to bed that I wouldn’t have charge for the next day ( i work 14 hr. Days) but surprisingly my battery lasted all day with at the lowest 48% at 8pm. I charge up my watch when I get home and have a full charge at bed time.. works out perfect!! I’m liking this app thus far.. my sleep patterns are a bit wacky and wanted more insight and this app is doing what it’s made to do!! Surprisingly well...


Several nights the app said I slept 2-3h. I go to bed around 10pm and my alarm goes off at 5:45 am. The app said I slept from like 12a-2-3a which is not true. I take melatonin or Advil pm so it doesn’t take me long to fall asleep and I stay asleep till my alarm goes off. I may sleep restless but I’m not awake. My watch is on snug so that not the issue. I wouldn’t even sleep with the watch were it not for this app because it’s not comfortable. Waste off time.

Great w/ Apple Watch

Integrates well with Apple Watch and my 6S, seems pretty accurate

Sleep app

Good app

Best Apple Watch sleep tracker

Best sleep tracker I have found! You don’t have to tell it your going to sleep. It just know and starts tracking on it’s own. && when I’m exhausted the last thing I think about doing it telling my watch I’m going to bed.


It provides simple and specific insights into my sleep that I never had before.


Always crashes every time I click Trends 👎🏿

Nice app, not for odd shift workers.

I like the app, it seems to work fine, it just needs an option to choose custom timeframes for those who work irregular hours. I work a graveyard shift 99% of the time (10p-8a), and it splits up my sleep time so one day it looks like I slept 3 hours and the next it says I slept 12+ at a time and always tracks my sleep a day ahead. If you have a normal 9-5 and sleep at night, this app is probably wonderful but for me with my schedule it just isn’t accurate. If there was a way to add your work hours or to set custom sleep detection times, it would be perfect and I would gladly download again.

Great app

Never knew how important sleep was until I used this app!! I deal like an all around better person thanks to this app!!

Not bad

This app isn’t bad but doesn’t share much information without buying the full app however I am not sure it would be worth my money due to the fact the free app isn’t showing me much . I do like seeing how much sleep I am getting and the patterns I am sleeping .

Great app

I tried a couple and this one is real legit! I really like it and I’m lucky to have found it because I need it so much!

Best choice for sleep survey

I love how it automatically shows what time you go to sleep and when you wake up. All the features are useful

Sleep-Less nights

I had no idea how much I tossed and turned in my sleep and how many times I get up to get water. This app has showed me that. It explains why I wake up tired. 😁 Knowing is half the battle!

Muy buena aplicación

Es interesante esta aplicación permite monitorear tus horas y calidad de sueño! Recomendado!

Best sleep app ever!

Trust me, I’ve tried a few (hundred). I love that this one is intuitive and knows when I’m sleeping. I can’t always say I’m falling asleep because, well, I’m falling asleep! This app has me covered. I love the info and feedback every morning, and knowing when I’m not hitting my Sleep goals. Thanks for this amazing app!!

Update is just an ad

Come on now! The update is nothing but an ad for $3/mo service.

Use Sleep++ Instead

Their CS reps make it a real hassle for you to delete your data off their servers. Not only was I asked three times to confirm that I wanted this deletion, each time I was asked further obnoxious questions (which I answered). And each time the representative made it clear that the deletion was contingent on me cooperating with their next question ”first.” I definitely do NOT recommend this app, and I certainly do NOT trust this company. I’m much happier using Sleep++ instead.


Love the fact that it’s so accurate and doesn’t just say I’m sleeping if I’m not moving. Fitbit would say I was sleeping if I was just watching tv and sitting.

App was good until premium pricing

All the best apps are ruined by premium pricing. This app is no different. Seek other sleep tracking apps that value their users

Was good!

This app was pretty good, but now it keeps saying error on the screen that asks if the app has helped me sleep better. I can’t skip or pick yes or no, it just says error no matter what. Update: App fixed. Working good now.

Doesn’t Always Sync

It doesn’t always sync with my Apple Watch. 😒

Stopped working!

Both my app and my husbands has stopped working. It tried to load then says we don’t have an internet connection and try again later. Infuriating!

Down supposedly due to no internet

I like the app as an aid to logging sleep but the most important part is that I absolutely MUST keep a pen and paper next to the bed and record each and every time when I get into bed and get out of bed plus any critically relevant notes (such as whether I went to sleep or only laid still and wide awake). This morning Sleep Watch is not working because it reports that I “don’t seem to have an internet connection” which is not true. Fortunately, I manually logged times into and out of bed, so I can continue to track sleep and track the most important thing of all which is a “ballpark figure “ for sleep debt. I’ve been logging sleep and tracking sleep debt for two decades and that habit has saved my life and saved me from getting fired. Sleep Watch is helpful. When it works and recognizes the internet connection.

It’ not true.....

The information that watch gives me every morning could be wrong. Sometimes I remember when I woke up and started reading or listen meditation. But apps show me I am still sleeping. The rest arias of sleep quality are also not always argumentative. So I just don’t trust more this Slepp Watch

Pretty cool

I like the app thus far. Sleep times are pretty accurate from the watch alone.

Iphone x, watch series 3

Best tracker, very accurate. The main feature that attracts me is the sleep battery. My brain reactions towards my daily tasks depends on my sleep battery. If i have 100% sleep battery I am more energetic on that day. This is my personal experience. 😍 And it's all free thank you so much SLEEP WATCH. 👍

Love it

Pretty cool app

Latest update???

Whatever happened with the latest update made my app not work well. I don’t want pay another couple of $ to have access to more data. The data I was getting is sufficient. I want my app to work.

Get a Fitbit

Doesn’t provide much useful info and drains the battery on your watch. I went back to my Fitbit.

Greatest App Ever

I love how it tracks literally EVERYTHING I am still going throughly through the app to find out what everything means but if you click on something such as the battery it breaks it down for you what it means and why it’s being tracked I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

Awesome Sleep App

Love this app and it seems to do an impressive job of tracking my sleep.

Let the money grab begin

Used this app for awhile and I like all its functions however to get new full in depth report you have to pay 2.99 a month. That is just too steep when I can get a cheap fit bit and get all the information and comparisons for free. Just give us a one time cost and let’s be done with it. With all the functions would easily be a 5 Star app. With the money grab I’m not happy son2 stars it is.

Color bars

Colored bars to show rested and restless sleep would be better. The white color, along with the small print, on the bar, makes it extremely difficult to see and read.

Well thought out app

Good app would like more detail about times I am awake

Doesn’t Detect Sleep

This app consistently fails to detect sleep. Sometimes, it is an hour that isn’t detected; sometimes, it is a day (or, rather, might).

Sleep Stages

Sleep watch is good for a general idea of sleep but it does not give detailed reports like fit bit in terms of deep sleep or REM sleep.

Track my sleep

Excellent and easy to use app for tracking sleep. Really easy to read data each day! Has really helped me see how to improve my sleep habits!

Data not available

This app has too many users - their servers can’t handle it so you can’t access your data. Today I tried 12 times in 8 hrs to get my sleep data- nada. I finally contacted the company and was told their servers were overloaded and to try back in a couple of hours... I’ll be in bed by then :)

Very helpful

Very helpful love the insight

Worked great until

I really liked using this app but the latest update broke it so it won’t actually work. Very disappointing

It’s good to have

You have to give it couple of days to start getting your sleep habits and then works very good.


This month the app can no longer detect my heart rate dip. The troubleshooting steps are obvious and obviously opaque. I have switch arms, put the iWatch face on the inside of my wrest and outside, restarted my iPhone and iWatch, performed a wipe of both as well to no avail. Am I overreaching to think this has more to do with their push for a subscription premium based service model?


I was a bit apprehensive to try this app given that several other sleep apps I've tried didn't work as expected or didn’t work at all. It's pretty spot on and stores data on the watch when the phone dies which is a plus. The automatic sleep detection does work even if you take a nap!! The sleep activity chart is nice, but I have a little trouble determining the times I may have gotten up for a bio break. Great App.

Was good...

I do not like the update. I am very opposed to them selling my sleep data for a profit. I do not want or need my data to be compared to other users like it is some kind of sleep competition. I will not be subscribing to the update and I have a feeling it will inevitably come to subscription service or no longer using the app. If that it is the case I will use a different app and they have lost another customer for good. I believe this is the route they are going and if they do it’s the death of a once great app.

Add in 5 dollar app blocking important info

Avoid this app. The developers are greedy people that have no regard for customers you think a premium price of 5 would be enlightened but know the launch sleep watch permium with on app add that blocks usefully information and claim it small app and can not understand why people are upset.

Great App!!!

This app gives the most info, charts and all. Has been really helpful in showing my doctor the results of my sleeping. Would recommend this app hands down.

Good app

This is one of the best sleep apps in the store. However, I do not like the idea charging a fee so others can compare their data to mine. I do not approve of my data to be used like this. It’s comparing apples to oranges and sends the wrong message. This is not a medical device and if you want to share information you should be able to do it without a fee.

Don’t like the update!

I appreciate all the updates and new features. Although not thrilled about the monthly subscription service. Looks like they lost me as a customer. Tired of being subscription to death. Maybe a yearly plan or grandfather us customers who purchased the app a long time ago. I agree with another reviewer that over the years they have harvested our sleep data and now plan to sell it back to us for a monthly subscription.

Best sleep app for Apple Watch! And it’s free!

This has been so helpful lately for measuring how I am actually sleeping. And it’s free. Keep it up

Best sleep tracking app.

This app is the best sleep tracking app and they have great Apple Watch integration.

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