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Sleep watch

I love the sleep watch. Every morning, I look forward to seeing how I slept.

Works well

I don't review it every day, but if I'm very tired I use it to rule out sleep disturbance.

Buggy at best

This app does not do what it says. It’s still really full of bugs. Save your money.

Great performance

Sleep Watch is the easiest, most accurate sleep tracking app I’ve used. The way it charts restfulness vs restlessness alongside my sleeping heart rate has taught me so much about my own sleep patterns. I tend to sleep at all weird hours… napping during the day and not going to bed until well after 1 AM. Sleep Watch accurately & automatically detects all my sleep – even 20 minute naps in the middle of the afternoon. This app has identified how irregular my sleeping patterns are and now I’m working to change that. I feel better, I’m less like Shrek in the morning and I have become more aware of how important a good night’s sleep really is. Sleep Watch is one of the few apps that I truly can say is life-changing.

Best track sleeping App

My problem with other apps is they tracking the sleeping from iPhone. This app tracking the sleep from apple watch and provide more information from my sleep every night There is a bug on the last version which is exit the app whenever I tab discover tap Thank you for the great app


Didn't record anything.. Apparently I never sleep.. waste of money.

poor support, odd interface choices, lack of details and non frequent updates

After a nearly a month of use. Here is what I got to say. Bugs. I use to get a notification few minutes after I woke up with my sleep summary. Now I hardly, if ever see that even with the app in my watch dock. It’s a good app and it seems each update brings a lot of new things but so far, I haven’t been a witness to a update as the developer seems to update every few months. The interface to me can be improved. I love the sleep debt and restless features. I hate the fact you can’t see things in more detail for nearly all sections. There is a discover tab that is suppose provide more insight in your sleep and offer advise but it doesn’t work at all. The app also does poorly in separating your sleep times. Let’s say you fell at sleep at 6pm for a short nap and woke at 9pm. The apps pushing that sleep time to the next day. Viewing heart rate data is cumbersome than it needs to and is limited to landscape only view. Every other data the app provides is limited in view, touching them just gives you info on what they do. To me this is a step back. As for sleep detection the app works well but like others have said it tends to lump your short naps through out the day into one start and end time. Bad. I wish the app provided more detail and also tracked deep sleep and light sleep like others. I wish support was responsive. You can tell they aren’t from these reviews and they don’t even reply to emails or reviews. So poor support, odd interface choices, lack of details, and non frequent updates is what you’re walking into when you get this app. Update: so they just wanted the app today and supposedly fixed discovered tab and other stuff. So I’ll report back.

Used to be great until the update

I loved this app. It used to be so accurate. Then I did the latest update and now it has me “sleeping” while I’m sitting on the couch working on my laptop or watching TV. So bummed it’s all a mess now.

Not accurate

It doesn’t accurately record when you’re asleep. It often shows that you’re awake during periods when you were actually asleep.

Not good for midnight workers or if you have broken up sleep

I do you like the capabilities this app has if you work normal hours. Even if I turned on all day sleep detection is still didn’t record my sleep accurately. I even changed the sensitivity where it was more sensitive. There are many days that I will sleep for 2 to 3 hours, get up for a few hours, and then go back to sleep two or three hours. In the app it would track that I slept the whole time without getting up. I would try to manually change it but it was like it would only accept one sleeptime start to finish, not two. It would let you change it the way it should be, the times you actually slept, but then once you saved it and went to a different day and went back it’s like you never changed it. I emailed for support and never heard anything back. App could be great, was super excited about it. Maybe they will fix it

I like this app

Easy to use and read. So far so good, I am very happy.


I am absolutely obsessed with this app. It keeps me up to date on how much sleep I get and if I’ve reached my goal sleep every night. This app has so many things to offer for helping you get better sleep and giving you tips on how to sleep better. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!!! Love it love it love it!!!

Helpful but needs improvement

Good app with great potential. I hope they continue to develop the heart dip feature. My app is only retaining 1 weeks worth of data. I sent an email asking for assistance in recovering the historical data but got no response.

Best sleep app I've found

I like that sleep app tracks restlessness and irregularities in sleep patterns, it seems to. E very accurate and has helped me get more sleep by watching my patterns! Great app!!

Love it.

Very accurate and informative, just have to get used to wearing the watch to bed. I charge my watch at 6pm then turn on theater mode for full charge through the night😀

Could improve on one thing

I’ve been using this app for about two weeks. It works fairly well. I wish it would give you the option of manually logging in what time you go to bed and what time you get up. Or at least let you change the sleep detection window times. It hasn’t been very accurate for my sleep times. It’s not too bad with estimating my wake up time but it’s all over the place guessing what time I go to bed. Half the time it logs me too early and half the time too late. So changing the sleep sensitivity level won’t help since it both over and underestimates. I pretty much go to bed at the same time every night. Other than that I think it’s great.

Bad app, even worse customer service

Using this app for a number of days no data has been displayed from my Apple Watch Series 3. Downloaded another sleep app used it one night results and data showed up no problem. Sent an email to the support center to find out what may be wrong, I never heard back from them. Sent another email still no reply. $2.99 wasted, not like it will put me in the poorhouse but if you would like a developer who actually is concerned about the results you get this is not the app for you.

Just don’t

Save your money, this is the biggest joke your sleep time is way off! Go to sleep at 11 and wake up at 5 every morning but sleep time is like 9 hrs every morning lol

Better tracking and nicer interface

Current: I find this app much reliable now. Just tracks only your sleep time and not the time you lie in your bed. Very good improvement and nice interface. Better than Sleepmatic. Previous: Tried SleepMatic and Sleep Watch. SleepMatic offers best detection whether you sleep day or night along with other parameters as well. Sleepwatch has nicer interface than SleepMatic. Hey all we need this how to track Sleeping effectively.

Great display but flawed data (for some)

This is a good news / bad news app. The good news is that the display and the definition and use of sleep metrics are excellent. A couple of well done screens deliver results clearly and succinctly. The bad news is that, in my judgment, the analytics are flawed for users that have sleep patterns that differ from one nice sleep at night. For those who wake up occasionally for several minutes during the night, or take a nap sometime during the day, the numbers can get squirrelly. Last night, for example, I was awake for probably 30 minutes during the night. Unlike my other watch-based sleep app, which showed me being awake, this app showed me sleeping but restless. The problem with that is that this app counts the awake time as part of total sleep when figuring out how close I got to achieving my sleep goal. Worse, it uses a too high amount of total sleep as the denominator of some of its metrics. Maybe 30 minutes doesn't seem like much. And I guess it isn't. But imagine the problem that can result from taking a nap! Many more hours of "restless sleep" counting toward my daily goal. Last week I found a 14 hour total sleep on a day where I slept for 5.5 at night and 45 minutes during the day. And the metrics with total sleep time in the denominator - Wow! I qualified all of this with "in my judgment." That is because I have attempted to ask the developer about this issue. But the developer has never responded. So I bought a second app that I rely on for accuracy.

Best sleep app so far

Sleep watch provides the most amount of information with the most accurate amount of information on a consistent basis I like the heart beat data as well as the restful sleep calculations


Is is not accurate, and it will detect sleep even if its not on.

Not automatic

I do not get alerts of my sleeping. I have to manually open the app daily to get the information to load from my watch. I followed all the instructions online but this version is not working.

Doesn’t work

I can’t get the App to work. Is it because I have an Apple series one watch?

Rating Nag

I like the app, but I have no choice but to give rating nags 1 star. They have long since passed the point of absurdity.

Somewhat effective but zero support

The app work pretty well tracking sleep. Needs to be adjusted sometime. The "Discover" feature does not work at all. It has stayed stuck on the day it was activated. I have contacted support and nothing but an automated reply. So be aware that if you purchase this app you are out your money and on your own if there are any questions or issues.

Awesome App!!

Truly impressed with the data, explanations to improve my understanding of certain terminology, layout and display. Simply amazing! Include ability to capture sleep multiple times a day and outside of the “regular” sleep times and this App gets 10 stars! 👍🏾🙂

King of the quantified self movement

I love the ability to track my sleeping heart rate. I love the ability to track my sleep dip percentage. I love the ability to track my efficient sleep relative to my total sleep. I am a quantified self dork, and this is an app for me. No sarcasm intended.

Takes 24 hours to populate

Not really happy with this. Takes at least 24 hours to update and records time spent in a recliner as ‘sleep.’ FitBit still has the best sleep tracking (Blaze). Disappointed.

So accurate

This thing detects everything. The minute my alarm goes off is the minute it says that I woke up! I got up to take my dog out in the middle of the night and it logs the 2 minutes awake to let her out and to let her back in. If it does log something wrong you can edit it which is awesome. My only complaint is that it does not detect naps even if their 3 hours long. But like I said you can just log them yourself and I don't nap enough for it bother me.

Unusable on Series 3

App will not even load on series 3 Watch. Keeps saying that setup is required. I went through everything I could find and allowed access to the health data. I hope this isn’t a waste!

Great App

Best sleep tracking app I have found! Well worth the $$!

Don’t waste your money

This app isn’t accurate on sleep time and the heart monitor doesn’t work

Pretty neat

It’s amazing how well it can detect when you’re sleeping. Just install it and it’ll take care of figuring out the rest, leaving you with helpful dashboards to look at. This is a great example of machine learning applied to a simple concept.

I’m Impressed

Happy to have paid for this app. Extremely polished and also surprisingly accurate with all my sleeplessness.

Heart rate does not work after updating to iOS 11 and new Apple Watch os

Heart rate does not work after updating to iOS 11 and new Apple Watch os

Works great but won’t track sleep vs in bed

The app is very accurate at identifying restful sleep vs unrest but refuses to log the “time asleep” vs “time in bed” in HealthKit. This is a critical function for those in sleep therapy, especially sleep restriction therapy. It’s required to track sleep efficiency. Please add the option to treat the least restful time as “awake” and the rest as “asleep” so I can use the app to track sleep efficiency. A sleep efficiency report would also be nice but health kit can show that if you log it correctly.

Was good but needs updated for new devices and OS

I have used this apple on my Series 2 watch and iOS 10 for a while and loved it. However, since I upgraded to Series 3 watch and iPhone 8 with iOS 11 the app has become nearly unusable. I no longer get alerts of my nightly sleep summary on my watch or on the phone. I have to open the app manually and wait several minutes (3-5) for the previous nights sleep summary to appear in the app. Once i close the app i will then get the alert 20-30 minutes later. Emailed developer and got no response from them after several days. Really hoping they not responding because the busy fixing the app. Will update the review if they come back and fix it.


So far out of the 4 different sleep trackers I've tried this is has been the most accurate. What I don't like is I have to open the app for the info to update. It should do that automatically

Night shift

Great app! Still trying out the “experimental” feature of the all day sleep detection. I work 12 hour night shifts 3 times per week as a nurse, so you could say my sleep patterns are irregular. I was off all weekend so I slept at night and the app worked beautifully. However, today as I slept in preparation for my shift tonight it did not detect that I was asleep at all. Since it is an experimental feature, I’m going to give it a few more chances or maybe increase the sensitivity of sleep detection. I hate to make the comparison but I did recently switch from Fitbit to Apple Watch and there was never an issue with sleep detection no matter when I slept with Fitbit. Hopefully strides are being made for those of us who enjoy tracking our sleep! Again, a successful app.

Good App!

App works most of the time, but sometimes it will not record my sleep randomly.

Not impressed so far

Have started over on 3 separate occasions to setup. All three times it will get to a screen in the setup and freeze. So until I can get the software setup and operating my 1 star will stand iOS 10 3 series

Sleep watch

Excellent app. Does what it says. Not used to wearing a watch to bed and having to charge during the day.

It crashes

I now can’t open it.

Does not work properly

I have not been able to use this app because my health app does not recognize the sleep watch watch. Due to this I can not complete the set up. Waste of money for this app.

Can’t start the app

The app walks me through the setup process then stops when I get to the Apple health part.

Changing for better sleep

It seems on target to how I feel each day. I've also made changes to my habits to promote sleep after having an awareness of time set aside for sleep. Great app!!!

I like it

It works well. I use it to get bio feedback on my resting heart rate and my heart rate dip. I have gotten back into serious physical training and the visible improvement over time is a great motivation.

Happy, but I wish...

I wish the sleep activity part would be more exact line instead of the shadowy areas. I think the way it currently is makes it hard to read the results. The Fitbit app does this much better. Overall, gives me most of the information I'm looking for in a sleep-tracking app.


Great app. Love how it monitors my sleep. Been looking for this kind of app. For a long time. Thank you

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