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Need a new start

This app was good, but since they started to charge $2.99 per month (doesn't worth) they are updating almost every week. If the app needs these many updates, probably is inaccurate.

Awesome app

It’s free app which helps you to track your sleep

My Sleep

Since using my sleep watch I am more aware of how important getting enough sleep is. I never new how important getting good quality sleep improves everything in your life. I love how it pin point when your in your deepest sleep or the restlessness. Over time you can see your patterns and reflect on what may be going on in your life that maybe the cause of sleep loss or because your well rested why you feel great.

I love it!

I love this app! It has amazing tips and information on sleep and how it affects you! The only reason they don’t have 5 stars is because the information from my watch doesn’t transfer over for about 30 minuets in the morning.


Doesn’t do anything. It registered 9 hours on the day before I even downloaded it. Registered around six the next night. Last night it registered zero. My watch kept waking me up telling me I’ve almost reached my fitness goal. When I woke up my watch congratulated me on reaching my fitness goals. The app registered zero hours of sleep. (I slept very well last night) Don’t waste your time.

The #1 best!

the best sleep trackers: #1 Sleep watch #2 Sleep+++ They are the best basically free apps with easier and accurate data and tracks u without even starting up the app just sleep with the the iwatch. #3 Sleep diary I love it because it is all free!! but kind of scattered data that's confusing. There are better ones out there but not worth the $$ when you have these apps to compete with.

Great App! Best of all.

And getting even better!

Never works

First this app seem to work relatively well but anymore it just doesn’t work apparently it cannot connect to the server so not sure what that’s all about

Not working lately

I used to like this app, however it's not been working properly. To get my sleep results I literally have to wait a few hours, it's just says working on report. Then by the afternoon it asks me how my sleep was? Not the greatest, I will be looking at other apps.

Works as expected

Very interesting sleep statistics tracked

Great app

Very helpful to track sleep. Matches up to my other sleep track device in tracked information

Not good with the health app

This app is fantastic in that it sense all of my sleep information without me having to do anything. I give it three stars in order to grab the developers attention for an issue. The app shows my full time in bed and my actual sleep time. But it only imports my full time in bed to the health app. So if I sleep 5 hours but am in bed 8, it will import 8 hours. This is not helpful at all and not a difficult problem to fix. Please make it so it gives the health app both sets of data and it will be five stars!

What happened ?

A recent “update” has broken my little Sleep Watch. Now, when the thing asks me how well I slept, I get nothing but communication errors. It rendered the app unusable. Who screwed this app up? It has gone from really good to unusable. Thanks a lot for destroying credibility.

Mrs XS

Great app!!

Enhancement Opportunity

FitBit allows it's users to see when they were in different sleep cycles (REM, nonREM, restless) but this app only has restless or asleep. Subpar by comparison there.


This app regularly overlooks sleep. Especially the sleep period after I use the restroom at night. Worse yet, it regularly misses an entire night of sleep. That makes no sense because my heart monitor app has a full night of data that clearly shows, by way of my heart rate, when I went to sleep and when I awoke. Why is this app unable to do likewise? I was attracted by the interface but the repeated failure of this app has me looking elsewhere.


Excellent application and accurate data, which was never before offered by any app. Thanks for the app.

Good but needs help

Love app but seems to still have bugs that need to be worked out.

Very accurate

I’ve used a few of these apps and this one is very accurate in knowing the actual sleep time. Very impressed.

I love it

So accurate

Love this!

This app is spot on! It knows when I go to sleep without me having to tell it I am. And the wake up time is exact with my alarm. I like the info it gives me too. I never knew a lower heart rate during sleep was so important!

Sleep watch

I love it!

Sleep review

I find it interesting. I can usually tell how I slept when I wake up. Your app verifies how I tossed and turned.

Used to be Great

This app used to be my favorite sleep app, have been using it for about 4 months. But as of recently, a little more than the past week, the app has been horrible. Inaccurate sleep times that have to be adjusted and app as of today won’t refresh and won’t show sleep time for last night. Hopefully they get their act together, as of now it’s horrible. Customer service reps respond to issues quickly and said they are working diligently on the problems. The 2 stars is only because it used to be a great app. Going to start looking for a new sleep tracker

Not working

Hey guys, not working since the update today.

Good when it works

The app can be surprisingly accurate, when it works!! It can sometimes take a half a day to FINALLY sync with the phone let you see your sleep levels - hardly convenient since by that time of the day I no longer give a S*** how much I’ve slept. Seriously how hard can it be to get the app to sync when it’s loaded!?!? Reboot the apps, my phone, reboot the watch, throw watch against the wall - nothing works....then all of a sudden it’ll send me a message in the afternoon letting me know how I slept. Why Apple doesn’t have a native sleep app is beyond me. Maybe I’ll throw the watch in the trash and go back to bed

This app has taught me to log sleep

It’s a nice app when the app’s servers are not down. When the servers are down, like today again, it tells you that “you don’t seem to have an internet connection” and you can keep trying for a long time, if you want to waste time doing nothing. But there is a “plan B” backup for when that all too frequently happens: look at the paper notebook you keep by the bed for the purpose of jotting down each time you enter or leave bed during the night and tally up the total times you slept during each time in bed. The app requires you to confirm sleep times each day for the sake of accuracy so I’ve found that such a sleep log notebook is far better than trying to rely on my memory for which times I was actually in bed, sleeping and which times I was sitting in a chair reading, with my Apple Watch wearing left arm motionless for long stretches of time. At first, I rated this app 5 stars. But now, because of its frequent “you don’t seem to have an internet connection” silly statements I’ve reduced it to 3 stars.


Getting worse with each update!

It takes forever to get the report

Ot takes forever to get the report its frustrating

Not for me

3 days into having the app, wearing the watch, it didn’t track anything. I had to input my own sleep schedule everyday. It did no tracking and only got data from me, so it’s pointless for me. Deleted the app and my account.

Very accurate and works well.

This app does a great job of documenting sleep and recognizing patterns. It’s surprisingly accurate!

Sleep Awareness

The app has given me a better outlook as to the hours my body requires for me to sleep consistently to function properly. It was something that I never really took into account or as seriously as I should have until there were hard numbers for me to sit down and review to realize what was the right amount of sleep for me and how to achieve the most restfulness


I like the app most of the time. I tried the premium addition I would suggest you offer a yearly subscription at a discounted price like some other apps. I believed that 2.99 month is a little to much


I sometimes forget to charge my watch and it is dead when I wake up! Wish watch battery life was 8 hours!!

Don’t like the update!

I appreciate all the updates. Although not happy about the new monthly subscription service. Tired of being subscription to death. Maybe a yearly plan or grandfather us customers who purchased the app a long time ago, and provided the data! I agree with another reviewer that over the years they have harvested our sleep data and now plan to sell it back to us for a monthly subscription. Trying another sleep app with very high reviews and NO monthly subscription. Looks like I’m gone as a customer!

anniying since last update

Good app. Works well but the red notification ball won't go away now no matter what I do. Deleting the app until they fix this annoyance

Great but needs a fix

Great app but since the last update - notifications (red circle) never goes away anymore even after notification has been read

i have a question🤔

i just downloaded this app , is it necessary to turn on my internet during the night?

Slept 25 hr and 50 min! (???)

Tried every troubleshooting tip, emailed the developer, tried every setting to get accurate data to help with my insomnia. Every report is telling me I averaged 9, 10 even 18 hrs of sleep! Today when it told me I slept over 25 hours I knew it was time to stop wasting my time. 3+ months was a pretty in-depth review and at no time was it remotely accurate. Even if I didn’t wear the watch for a couple of days wouldn’t your heart rate be zero and it wouldn’t register as “being asleep”?

Great sleeping app

I like this app because it tells me if my heart rate has dropped sufficiently enough while sleeping. I used to use a Fitbit but it didn’t give me enough data.

works effortlessly with apple watch

Tried a few sleep monitoring appswoth Apple watch and they all required my intervention. This asks for a little but it isn't required, and uses (I think) rich notifications so you can give the input without opening the app. sleepWatch is great because I can tell it just to monitor for sleep when I usually sleep, or it can monitor all day if that's your thing. The graphs and tracking bits and pieces are cool, thorough, just a touch (enough) gamified for your sleeping benefit, and transparent enough if you want to tap through on your phone for more details as to how it works.

Sleep App

So far I like this app . However with the info collected they have to ask me if I slept well ? It seems they would know this. Otherwise it is enough basic info and kind of cute to get their feedback.

Good summaries

This is just reprocessing your data, but it makes good reports and offers good insights into your sleep patterns.

LOVE The Sleep Watch App

Since purchasing my Apple Watch I have been using the SleepTracker. It’s accurate, I have a much better understanding of my sleep patterns which has been helpful discussing my insomnia with my PCP.

Great app

Love the app and the helpful data

App is surprisingly accurate in all areas!!

I just started using, for the 2 weeks I’ve tracked my sleep,heart rate, rhythm etc... I’m surprised how accurate this is!! I was worried that having to wear my watch to bed that I wouldn’t have charge for the next day ( i work 14 hr. Days) but surprisingly my battery lasted all day with at the lowest 48% at 8pm. I charge up my watch when I get home and have a full charge at bed time.. works out perfect!! I’m liking this app thus far.. my sleep patterns are a bit wacky and wanted more insight and this app is doing what it’s made to do!! Surprisingly well...


Several nights the app said I slept 2-3h. I go to bed around 10pm and my alarm goes off at 5:45 am. The app said I slept from like 12a-2-3a which is not true. I take melatonin or Advil pm so it doesn’t take me long to fall asleep and I stay asleep till my alarm goes off. I may sleep restless but I’m not awake. My watch is on snug so that not the issue. I wouldn’t even sleep with the watch were it not for this app because it’s not comfortable. Waste off time.

Great w/ Apple Watch

Integrates well with Apple Watch and my 6S, seems pretty accurate

Sleep app

Good app

Best Apple Watch sleep tracker

Best sleep tracker I have found! You don’t have to tell it your going to sleep. It just know and starts tracking on it’s own. && when I’m exhausted the last thing I think about doing it telling my watch I’m going to bed.

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