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Best sleep app

This is by far the best sleep app. I have tried them all with my new Apple Watch.

Great app

This app is very well done. The data is laid out in an easy to navigate way and the visualizations are perfect. It used the restedness questionnaire to recommend I get an extra 30 minutes of sleep a night which was really helpful. My one qualm is that I can’t delete old data. When I got the app, it used data from the previous one or two weeks, but I didn’t wear my watch to bed during that time so the data it used is extremely inaccurate. By the time I tried to delete the data, it wouldn’t let me, and customer support confirmed that there’s currently no way to delete data over two weeks old. Great app, but delete the old, bad data as soon as you install it.

2 Stars!

8/30/18 Update I like the somewhat of a compromise of having the premium banner hidden for us paid users not wanting a subscription. Can’t wait until Apple has their own sleep app. I’ll be deleting this program fast. ———————————— I appreciate all the updates. Although not happy about the new monthly subscription service. Tired of being subscription to death. Maybe a yearly plan or grandfather us customers who purchased the app a long time ago, and provided the data! I agree with another reviewer that over the years they have harvested our sleep data and now plan to sell it back to us for a monthly subscription.

Operates poorly. Requires two starts for the application.

Does not appear the application is tuned well for iOS as it fails to start well and stay connected

Very informative

Thanks! I am enjoying the sleep app. It is informative and helpful!

Love your App / I hate your Marketing Team

I would have given this app 5 stars prior to whenever you all added your premium options. This disgusts me. You are selling out as bad as EA did (and still does) with their “Loot-crate” crap. Don’t be an EA. I bought your App. Give me (AND ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE) the features We deserve by supporting a superior sleep monitoring app. I purchased this app initially because you didn’t have the option to pay extra for a subscript based system to allow for “premium” features. If MY data is helping YOU to provide EVERYONE analytics based on everyone’s data, then shouldn’t we be privileged enough to view that data repository?! (AKA: your premium features). I really hope you all read this and take it to heart. Please please please... don’t do this just to make more money. Don’t be *that* company.

Helpful & motivating

This app has been great for the week or so that I’ve been using it! It’s helped me to get a better picture of my sleep patterns (length, HR, restfulness, HR dip, consistency, etc.). I’m motivated by numbers, so this has in turn helped me to sleep better. It’s also eased some anxiety over whether or not I’m sleeping well and how my heart is beating while I sleep. Premium offers a few more “nice to have” features while supporting the developer. So far, I do like those features and find them helpful, as well. The layout is easy to use, and the design is appealing, on both the watch as well as the phone. Dark background is nice for nighttime and early am. The data seems accurate to what I would guess my numbers would be (higher, lower, etc.) I looked at several sleep + HR apps for the watch and this seemed like the smartest of them all. Oh, and I’m happy to be having better sleep because of it! 😴

Love It

I like knowing how my sleep is at night, along with know if I’m restful too!

Annual fee!

Good I want compensated for my review, everybody gives feed back so you can make a better app, to charge? So pay up for the feed back! Our time is valuable as well!!

Pretty good

Pretty darn good. But if you take a nap things get weird and your sleep rhythm gets thrown off. Other than that it's great.

Love this app

Works perfectly! Best sleep tracking app for Apple Watch, and I have tried all of them. I am however getting a weird “setup required” message on my watch though the app works great.

Can’t connect

Has problems communicating with the servers.

iOS 12.1 bêta 3

Doen’t work with iOS 12.1 bêta 3 and the New set up 😔

No data

I have been using sleep watch for two weeks now. And it was working good for the first three days. Then it stopped gathering data. It seems to do this every three days. I was really into reading feedback and advice from the app. But now I just can’t trust it.


It’s a great app and love the tracking of my crappy sleep!!! I would suggest to anyone to get this app!!! 2 thumbs up

Better Wake Detection

I've tried a few different Watch/Health based automatic sleep trackers and so far this one is the only one that consistently picks up my half-awake stumbling to the kiddo's room to help him back to sleep after a bad dream.

Excellent app

Knowing my sleeping habits caused me to pay more attention to how late I was going to bed. This app helps me to set better goals for myself and ultimately get more rest.


The app is great when I decides to track your sleep. I went to sleep around 10 pm but according to this app I only slept from 2 to 530.



Thanks SleepWatch!

Ever since I have downloaded SleepWatch on my iPhone, my awareness around sleep has changed my lifestyle. Because I can closely monitor my sleep patterns and estimated hours of sleep, it really helps me be mindful of my energy level during the daytime when I’m awake.

There are better apps out there for one price.

Subscription fees when competing, better, more visibly pleasing apps exist is an odd business move. I used to like this app until it went suckerscription. Don’t be a chump, use better apps!

Excellent app!

Love this app. It works like it says. Auto-sleep feature is great. Best sleep app yet!

Great sleep tracker

Works well with my apple watch 4

Pretty great

This was the first sleep tracker I tried, so not sure how it compares to others. But after using for 3 days I’m pretty impressed, especially considering it is free to use 90% of the features and shows the same data other apps purport to. It is consistently tracking my sleep, and the most impressive part is it knows when I wake up, then fall back asleep. I always wake up for 30 minutes or so early in the morning and then fall back asleep, and the app knows. Re: naps, I read somewhere that the app only logs sleep lasting longer than an hour. For naps less than 1 hour, log manually. Besides the nap issue it’s pretty much perfect.


I was totally digging this App until it started doing its own thing. I’ve been trying to figure it out all week and no such luck. Deleted and downloaded again but nope. It won’t ask me to start sleeping anymore. Just tells me everyday there isn’t enough data and doesn’t track my sleep. It was working so smoothly for about a week and then nothing. I’m confused.... Suggestions?

Great app!

It tracks your sleep really well if you have an Apple Watch. It shows when you’re in a deeper state of sleep and for how long. This makes it easier to judge the quality of sleep you’re having. It also tracks your heart rate throughout the night and shows you a chart of that. And all that for free!

Naps! 😂

This is by far the best sleep tracking app in the App Store. Only one thing stopped me from giving it 5 stars... it doesn’t track naps. Lol I work odd shifts and sometimes a nap is needed. I’m talking maybe twice a week, but I know I feel more recharged after that, the app doesn’t catch it. So my 3 day recharge stays the same. Other than that this app is amazing! Thank you for creating it.

Great app!

I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to getting better sleep lately. I can really tell a difference in my ability to recall test material and in my performance when I’m exercising. So far, this app has been extremely accurate and easy to use. I love it!

Sleep better

Sleep Watch has helped me get better sleep. However, I can’t figure out how to get it to record my afternoon nap.

Need improvement

The app is average to track sleep, but, I can't understand how the developer can't write the sleep tracking in the right way at the Health app, so basic.

Using for a week, looks interesting

So far, this has been and interesting watch app for me. It is too early in my use to claim it has any great utility. I have had no problems with the app.

It works

That was the only thing that was missing from the Apple watch

App is fine, but it constantly asked for review

So here it is.

I love this app!

The automatic setting is great. It’s so unbelievably accurate! I can finally keep track of my sleep and it helps me figure out what’s the best way to go to sleep and stay asleep.

Watch app

The watch up isn’t syncing with my phone. When I open the app on my watch, it says to setup the app on my phone. The app is already set up on my phone.


Love the this sleep app. Use it every day copy copy!!


Debieran mejorarlo un poco más

Great tracker

I just love that I can really be able to how I slept from someone who has insomnia this app shows me the times I woke up for someone who tosses and turns without really knowing if you stayed awake or slept or the time you were restless Great sleep study app

Must have for sleep monitoring

So far I have really enjoyed this app. This app helps me to make healthier sleeping habits. I would really encourage you to utilize this vital resource.

Good but

It is an OK app in the middle range among the sleep tracking apps of the store. It looked better when there was one price to pay and you’re ready to go. Now with the subscription it feels bad and incomplete. The app should be free with the subscriptions or paid without them. It is just my opinion. As a user I dumped it for a better alternative.

Sleep watch

I would like to see my results for each night when I answer the question how well did I sleep.

Love the info provided!

The only idea that could make this a better app would include an alarm system and speaker data reporting that could monitor snoring, breathing, etc. I love this app! Incredibly informative!

Great app!

I had previously left a lower rating because I paid for the app and they later added subscription model and forced a internal ad for this subscription. They didnt give a way to hide it. However, in there recent updates they added the ability to hide the ad and thank you so much! This is a great sleep tracking app!! Would recommend to anyone with an apple watch!

Sleep watch

It’s amazing! I love this. It’s a game changer


I was feeling tired when I woke up. Had a fit bit watch that broke and I liked the sleep feature on it. I found this app and it has worked great. Helping me to solve my insomnia.

Zevy Cy

I love it!

Liking the app so far.

Have been using for several months now. Not entirely sure why developers think we’re all the same. I only “wish” I could get 8 hours of sleep every night. Can use some detailed explanation why so restless because I don’t sleep like a brick in the same position every night. Anyway, awesome app with interesting info.

I use a few sleep apps in concert

And this one provides great feedback based on how I feel when I wake up every day. :-)

Missing Features

Still can’t personalize sleep window 👎👎👎👎👎

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